Aromatherapy Pregnancy & Birth Kit

The Pregnancy and Birth kit is working out really well! The preparation for birth is working out great, the viscosity is perfect so it doesn’t trail every where! It feels lovely, very nourishing and doesn’t have a strong smell. The bottle is also perfect meaning only a small amount comes out at a time preventing an unholy mess!
I’ve been using the labour blend too. Again the roller ball is perfect for application onto the pulse points and similarly it doesn’t run everywhere so I can pop it on before I go to bed and know I won’t be destroying my bed covers or travel into my hair!
I haven’t used the bump and body yet as I’m finishing up one I already have but I am going to get my hubby to use it for a massage this weekend……. He just doesn’t know it yet đŸ˜‚
I have to say I’ve no bad words and I would happily buy them again and even as a gift for expecting friends!