Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Elaine brings her personal experience of pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood to her classes. Her Pregnancy Yoga classes are a great way to prepare for your positive birth. You will learn lots of tips throughout your pregnancy on how to keep fit and healthy, and to help you feel excited and relaxed about your baby’s birth releasing any anxiety or fears you may have with breathing and yoga techniques.
Elaine is a mamma to three boys, and had a wonderful WaterBirth in the Coombe hospital in January 2018


  • Relaxation and confidence in mind and body
  • Stretch to create space for your growing bump
  • Relieves muscular aches and pelvic pain discomfort by keeping your body strong and flexible
  • Helps baby into good position for birth
  • Preparation for Active birth
  • Learn breathing techniques and tips for labour
  • Release anxiety and tension
  • Share your pregnancy journey with other mums-to-be
  • Save €5.00 off our Aromatherapy Pregnancy & Birth Kit
  • Save €20.00 OFF our Newborn Baby Massage classes
  • As we are fully certified YTTC, YTI and BMI, avail of your Maternity Health Cover for Yoga Mammas Pregnancy / Postnatal Yoga and Baby Massage classes ( eg. Laya, Irish Life.. please check your policy )

These classes will give you a deep sense of wellbeing and confidence during your pregnancy by increasing your flexibility, strengthening your mind and body, and help empower you with the tools to prepare for the birth of your baby. Baby bonding, positive birth affirmations and relaxation help prepare for a calm, active and relaxed birth.
Meet new friends and share tips and advice in a warm and welcoming environment.

Yoga Mammas is a great meeting place to chat and share all things bump and baby ( birth plans, labour bag, slings, etc) with other mums-to-be in a wonderfully supportive and relaxed space.

Elaine attends on-going professional training including being a certified GentleBirth Instructor in hypnobirthing and antenatal education, and SpinningBabies.

As a breastfeeding and baby wearing mum Elaine organises regular free ‘Preparing to Breastfeed’ talks and sling demos in her classes. If you can’t make a weekly class inquire into our Pregnancy Yoga Workshops.

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When Can I Start?

Anytime from 12 weeks – 40 weeks. Classes are free after 40 weeks!


Monday 8 – 9 pm, Carlow
Wednesday 7 – 8 pm, Tallaght
Wednesday 8 – 9 pm, Tallaght

Where are Classes held?

  • St Martins School, Aylesbury Tallaght Dublin 24
  • Blueberry Soul Studio, 37 Dublin street, Carlow


  • 5 week Winter Course starting 14th November €75.00 ( Classes end 12th December )
  • 4 week course €60.00 ( can be used within 5 weeks )
  • Drop In Option €16.00
  • As we are fully certified YTTC, YTI and BMI, avail of your Maternity Health Cover for Pregnancy Yoga ( eg. Laya, Irish Life..please check your policy )

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Save €20.00 off our Baby Massage classes when you book a Pregnancy Yoga course with us!

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