Preparing to Breastfeed

Free to all attending our Pregnancy Yoga Classes.

 As a breastfeeding mamma, Elaine feels passionate in other supporting mums and helping them towards a successful breastfeeding journey. We are so delighted to have Yoga Mammas resident Lactation Consultant Caoimhe, join us for regular free Preparing to Breastfeed talks in our Pregnancy Yoga classes to answer any of your questions!

breastfeeding talk
Over 20 mums-to-be attended our Preparing to Breastfeed talk, Tallaght

Yoga Mammas has been running Free Preparing to Breastfeed talks since 2014 to support mums-to-be in our classes, before their baby arrives.

Lactation Consultant Caoimhe Whelan will talk about normal newborn behaviour and how babies are hard wired to breastfeed, what to expect from breastfeeding in the early days, how to know when breastfeeding is going well, and where to get help and support when it isn’t. Caoimhe will also debunk some of the common myths surrounding breastfeeding and talk about some fascinating facts about breastfeeding that you probably haven’t heard about!

Caoimhe is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) working in private practice.

Here’s some breastfeeding-related links and information

♥ A good website for breastfeeding
♥ Cuidiu Dublin South West
♥ Cuidiu Breastfeeding Support Facebook page


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