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Yoga Pose of the Month: Tree Pose

Welcome to our new series featuring our favourite Yoga poses of the month. All poses can be done whether pregnant or not, however benefits listed will highlight how each pose helps particularly in pregnancy. You will learn how to practice each Yoga pose safely in our classes TREE POSE How it helps: Helps maintain strength… Continue reading Yoga Pose of the Month: Tree Pose

active birth, pregnancy

What is Active Birth?

I am truly inspired by the philosophy and movement of Active Birth - who knew you DO NOT have to labour and birth on a bed?! I didn't on my first baby- it was only afterwards I learned of Active Birth and how working with gravity, working with your baby and working with your body… Continue reading What is Active Birth?

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Baby Massage Dublin

So excited to be getting ready to come back from maternity leave with my new little man! I've always been so lucky to be able to bring my boys to my classes - it also means i can join in with the lack of sleep complaints! Classes start back in Iona Centre, Knocklyon June 13th… Continue reading Baby Massage Dublin