Birth Reflection Service

Did you know the Coombe Hospital are offering a wonderful listening service for new mums and pregnant mums who would like to talk about their experience of their baby’s birth?



Birth Reflections is a listening service for women who have given birth, or are planning to give birth at the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital.

For women and their partners events around a baby’s birth may be confusing, unexpected and not have been what they had planned or hoped for.  Birth Reflections aims to give women the chance to explore their birth experience and ask questions that they may not have previously asked.

Labour and birth may have been different to expectations and plans made during pregnancy.  There may have been a need for intervention, or even an obstetric emergency.  Such events can be difficult to understand without information ‘to fill in the gaps’, have questions answered, or to understand the obstetric assessment and decision making process in labour.

Women may contact this service by using a designated phone line or email address.  The Birth Reflections midwife will then contact her and arrange a meeting in the hospital at a time and date that is mutually suitable to them both, in an atmosphere of trust and safety.   Partners also may attend.

During the session, which lasts approximately an hour, the midwife will read through the woman’s notes with her.   There may be discussion about their memories, feelings and thoughts surrounding their pregnancy and birth.   Previously unasked questions may be answered.  This process may be very beneficial to a mother or couple who are finding it difficult to understand or perhaps come to terms with events.  It may also be very useful and important in helping to better prepare for a next pregnancy, labour and birth.


This service may be accessed by contacting the Birth Reflection Midwife: Ann Fergus.

By phone:   086 – 1450910 [please leave a message and the midwife will call back]

By email:



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