Birth Story: Eimear and baby Lochlainn


You must be telepathic as you always email with impeccable timing. Lochlainn Byrne 7lbs 5oz was born after 90 mins at 4.33am today! Most surreal last 12 hours.

Fast labour with no real breaks between contractions to recover just like on Saoirse. So hard and fast but the tens machine and air and gas were enough and I laboured on all fours which was such a nice way to catch baby and baby tell me the sex rather than on my back when I was handed Saoirse.

I had a 2nd degree tear so some stitches but all is well and we were off home less than 8 hours after he was born.

My little Winter Solstice baby and I are doing great. Last night was an epic cluster feed marathon so it’s Christmas eve in bed for us but we’re happy out.

He has sensitive skin and got a bad rash on his face and neck after a day and midwife thought it might be my shower gel and looks like she was right as it’s clearing and peeling but still quite bad around his mouth. His beautiful newborn skin suffered from something I never even thought about 😪

Top tip: The things I’ve learned comparing 2 labour experiences that’d be best to share:

– contractions are not always like on the tv, mine have no recovery time just peaks and troughs in pain but constant pain. Don’t let the midwives dismiss your labour because you can’t time contractions (they assume 1st time mums will have long labours)

– especially for 1st time mums be confident and shout/groan etc to get attention if you feel you’re being overlooked, you know best what’s going on with your body

– for 2nd time mums have backups to mind your other child(ren) as my mother didn’t hear her phone!

– for stitches stack the Medicare pads 2-3 high in your underwear to feel like your sitting on a cloud instead of on stitches. Also keep them in the freezer if you need more relief

– not related to labour but on the lead up to due date and after baby comes use newborn suitable bath creams on yourself as we’ve no skin conditions in the family but this baby reacted badly to shower gel I used.

Saoirse is loving being a big sister and I’m so very proud of her. It’s so lovely to watch her with him.

My favourite thing to do when pregnant was again your yoga. It’s such a special class and was the highlight of my week from 14 weeks to the end.

It’s you that makes the class so special though by creating an open environment to talk, have a laugh but also really connect with baby through your words. So it’s not yoga per se but rather you that was the highlight of my week.

I was so emotional meeting him after such a long journey to have him and I feel beyond blessed to have 2 children.

Looking forward to yoga and massage in the new year.

I hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas.


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