Birth Story: Sarah and baby Heidi

Hi elaine! My third gorgeous girl arrived on Tuesday morning at 2:07am after they broke my waters due to reduced movements. 1hr8mins later she sped out! 8lbs8oz and we’ve called her Heidi!

Totally smitten and super duper relieved she is safe and sound. She had me quite anxious the last week before she came.

Had to spend 4 days in hospital as she needed phototherapy for jaundice (getting home ASAP was my plan so I found it very frustrating!!) but it was a good lesson to me to just slow down.

She’s totally fine now. Trying to figure out fast letdown and over supply but we’re getting there.

Getting well acquainted with the 2am cluster feeds too. Whole other ballgame with two kids in tow!!

Loving the snuggles though. This really is what it’s all about!! We’re so lucky!!

My Tip; there is serious wisdom in mothers instinct and “trust your body, trust your baby!”

I’ve been with you so long, loved the classes and will really miss the chats and the girls

I’ve totally loved every single class

Looking forward to seeing you in baby massage. Hope everyone in class keeping well!!

Sarah Xx

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