Birth Story: Eithne and baby Maeve

Hi Elaine

I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your time off!

Here is my birth story. I sent you a message on facebook with some pics 🙂

Maeve Cahill came on Thursday morning at 3.50am weighing in at an impressive 4kg.

My story is the classic case of how the best laid plans can go out the window!

There was still no movement by Wednesday so I went in to be induced that morning. There were no beds available then so we went back home and came back in at around 5pm. When I was brought to the labour suite, i was initially disappointed that the pool and any shower time was out the window because of the induction. It took me a few mental leaps to get used to the idea that I needed to be connected to a drip, so that inhibited my movements. But I was still very much set on having as much as an active birth as possible.

My waters were broken at 6.30pm and I was hooked up to oxytocin. Long story short, I was very sensitive to the oxytocin so the contractions came in very strong and very fast. I managed to stay on the birthing ball and move around for about 1 hour, but then they were coming in every minute and were incredibly strong. I lasted another 2 hours but I fell into a hole and knew I wouldn’t have enough energy to get through the birth so I went with an epidural. Which as you know, is something I never wanted, but now I am so happy I went with it. Initially it didn’t really work for the first while. But when they did a vaginal exam they discovered I was at 7cm (I went from 2cm to 7cm in 3 hours!), so the dose was increased and when it set in it was like a fog had lifted. The labour was very manageable after that.

When it came time to pushing, Maeve’s blood pressure was dropping and she was coming out at a strange angle, so I had to get suction and an episiotomy. But the midwives and doctors were just amazing and very respectful with asking me if everything was ok.

I had an amazing moment when she was coming out. the midwives told me she had a big head of hair and I felt the top of her head. And that is when I burst out crying, and then Maeve started crying after that. But out she came, and Gerard got to cut the umbilical cord. She came out a bit stunned, but she was brought to me very quickly and then we got our hour of uninterrupted skin to skin time.

I came home on Friday and we’ll have midwife visits from today to Monday. I am so, so happy to be at home. She is latching well and my milk came in today so I am delighted. Plenty of cluster feeding and sleepless nights but being at home makes it so much easier than being in hospital.

I look forward to touching base with you again in baby massage.

I’ll hopefully see you all in January at some stage.

Thanks again for all your support, it made a huge difference!


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