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Twin Birth Story: Ali and Babies Sara and Eve

Hi Elaine, I would love if you could share my birth story with the 7pm class.

Friday morning, I woke up with some back pain and lost my mucus plug, I took two paracetamol and got in the shower to get some heat on it while waiting on them to take effect. Then miraculously I was fine so went off to get my nails done… as ya do!

Friday evening we popped to Tesco to pick up a few things for dinner and walking down the freezer aisle i just knew… it was imminent! Got home and called the hospital and they said that I should stay home that my discomfort was probably just due to the weight of my 35 week pregnant twin belly traipsing around Tesco!

Mind at ease, I sat down and ate approximately 42 spring rolls and had a much longed for glass of wine. Off to bed I went only to be awoken at 2am by my waters breaking in bed. Very calm and full of excitement we made our way to The hospital.

The previous Monday i spoke to the consultant about an elective section and when I got to the assessment unit the consultant said she would have to wait for the senior consultant to see me on her rounds at 8am. I knew deep down that I could have these babies myself and very quickly decided to proceed the old fashioned way and push these girls in to the world.

After getting a bed at 4.45am within the hour I was getting contractions in my back. Getting to 4cms seemed like an eternity, a lot of that time I spent in the shower to ease the contractions in my back. Hot water and those figure 8’s on all fours, coupled with two doses of pethadinr and 2 and a half tanks of gas finally I got to 3cm and made my way to The delivery suite. It was a very quietday on the delivery ward so I got a lot of attention, and you know me… I hate attention, lol!

I had the epidural and could get a bit of much needed rest before the hard work commenced. My boyfriend had a nap for 5-9cm on a mattress on the delivery suite floor 😂 (image attached).

After 2 hours at 9cm it was clear I wasn’t going any further and it was time to push at 9cm…

After an episiotomy, Sara came out with the aid of a forceps, 9 mins later Eve came into the world breech. Eve gave us a bit of a fright, and there were alarms going off and about 6 more doctors rushed in to the already crowded room she needed to be resuscitated and wasn’t breathing on her own. Both were taken quite quickly to different units, Sara for oxygen and Eve for a breathing machine and fluids. This broke my heart having them separated after being womb mates for so long, they were now alone. Both made a very swift recovery and we all came home as a family on Friday, we are settling in well and enjoying getting to know each other. We are so in love.

Thank you Elaine for being such a big part of my journey getting here… from when we first met at fertility yoga last December I never thought I would be writing this birth story 10 and a half months on as a mother of two!!

I will miss the pregnancy yoga but look forward to continuing my journey with you and very much look forward to baby massage and baby yoga.

Best of luck to the rest of the girls in the class and especially to the twin mommas!!

Sara 5lb2oz Sunday Oct 15th @ 4.46am

Eve 4lb15oz Sunday Oct 15th @ 4.57am


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