Perineal Massage for smoother birth?

photo Yoga Mammas Perineum Massage Oil is part of our Pregnancy and Labour collection and is a handmade gentle blend of cold pressed Organic Sunflower oil and Sweet Almond oil.

A gentle massage with this natural oil may help to relax and keep the skin in the birth area sooth, supple and flexible and lessen the need for an episotomy. Regular perineal massage improves the skin’s elasticity and stretchiness, and this oil helps facilitate in preparation of your baby’s birth.

How to Use

Massage for 5 – 10 minutes from the 34th week of pregnancy onwards. It is helpful, to take a bath before the massage, or massage in the bath, as this helps to relax, stimulate the circulation and soften the tissues.

Here are some reasons you may want to use perineal massage during pregnancy:
● Some health care providers believe that perineal massage will increase the “stretchiness”of this area. This means you may have a smaller chance of tearing or needing an episiotomy.
● While you massage, you can practice relaxing the muscles in your perineum. This can help you prepare for the stretching, burning feeling you may have when your baby’s head
is born. Relaxing this area during birth can help prevent tearing.
If you wish to use perineal massage, begin 6 weeks before your due date and follow these suggestions:
Wash your hands well, and keep your fingernails short. Relax in a private place with your
knees bent. Some women like to lean on pillows for back support.
Lubricate your thumbs and the perineal tissues. Use
a lubricant oil.
Place your thumbs about 1 to 1.5 inches inside your vagina. Press down (toward the anus) and to the sides until you feel a slight burning, stretching sensation.
Hold that position for 1 or 2 minutes.
With your thumbs, slowly massage the lower half of the vagina using a “U” shaped
movement. Concentrate on relaxing your muscles. This is a good time to practice slow,
deep breathing techniques.
Massage your perineal area slowly for 10 minutes each day. After 1 to 2 weeks, you should

To order

A 50ml bottle €7.00 To inquire about our Perineum Massage Oil Contact Elaine


If you have any concerns about perineal massage, please consult your midwife or doctor. Recommended test patch before use.

Do not take internally.

Discard after 2 months of opening as YogaMammas’ oils are made fresh to order with no added preservatives.


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